“She consistently pleases clients with her performance. I would wholeheartedly recommend Katie McCall.” ~ M. Bales, Producer


“She’s always prepared and most importantly, my clients ask for her again and again.” ~ D. Hardy, Director


“Katie has been represented by our studio for over 13 years. She is definitely one of our top performers…” ~ C. Mazzei, VP


“Katie is always a pleasure to work with… she always brings that special something to a project that takes it to the next level. 12 hour shoot day or 30 minute session, Katie always brings a smile that brightens your day.” ~ P. Bedall, Director of Sales & Marketing


“The camera seems to lock on to her warmth and veracity…” ~ D. Hardy, Director


“She has a wonderful voice, enhanced by the training to know how to use it. But that’s only part of what you get. You also get her good business sense…” ~ B. Illes, V.P.


“She brings to her art extraordinarily high standards of excellence, a tireless work ethic and unbridled talent. She has terrific instincts…I suggest to any director – if you can land Ms. McCall in your project, DO SO!” ~ M. Piersol, Director


“McCall makes this show worth seeing…” ~ Style Weekly review of “Reckless,” Firehouse Theatre Project


“McCall is heartbreaking…but discloses a steely spine.” ~ Times Dispatch review of “August: Osage County,” Cadence Theatre